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Since its founding in 2001, JP Valves Co., Ltd,

has been an leading supplier of valves products for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power and General Industries in Thailand. With our close working relationship with major EPC Contractors, we have also been supplying them with valves for major overseas projects in S.E. Asia, namely in Malaysia and Vietnam.

JP Valves Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of Leo Valves & Metal Co., with headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Leo Valves & Metal Co., is the largest valves repair and reconditioning company in Taiwan and also a leading supplier of major valves brands not only in Taiwan, but also in China, Thailand and Singapore, where they also have an operation.

Company Overview JP Valves Co., Ltd

Company Overview

  • JP Valves was established in 2001, Thailand. 
  • Automated Process Valves & Severe Service Valves
  • Since 1998 awarded as the authorized repair center for “ Dresser Valve Division ”


  • Leo Valve & Metal CO. (Kaohsiung)
  • Leo Valve & Metal CO. (Taipei)
  • Leo Shanghai ( China )
  • F1 Industries(S) Pte. Ltd.(Singapore)
  • JP Valves CO., LTD ( Thailand )

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